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To wander around aimlessly (normally at home in your pyjamas) in a state of general non-achievement. Might be cognate with a sedate state of faffing.
(in email)

Morning! I'm up and about and generally wildering. Not much achieved this morning and no prospect of achievement in sight! X
by cycling pilot November 21, 2012
Pun on the word and dinosaur species Velociraptor well known for tearing apart its pray. Refers to a cat which has exhibited the same carnivorous tendencies by doing a full rendering of some luckless rabbit, bird or mouse.

Plural mogaraptors refers to cats rendering in packs.
Me: What's with the funny smell in the lounge and the bits of fur everywhere.

You: I think it used to be a rabbit before the mogaraptor got hold of it.
by cycling pilot April 17, 2010
A small mog or general term for cat/small cat.
Me: Hey Pete have you seen the moglit.

Pete: Nope. Probably out hunting.
by cycling pilot April 17, 2010
Pun on the word "hospitality". Refers to interminable drinks/social occasions which you really don't want to attend but have to be there.
Me: We have been invited to the neighbours for some hostility tonight.

You: Oh no. Not the Smiths! It took us weeks to get over the last visit.
by cycling pilot April 17, 2010

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