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8 definitions by cyberobotic

adjective. A manic condition in which a person's attention is completely possessed by a text conversation or argument on a mobile phone, seemingly shutting out the rest of the world.
Jill tried several times to tell her husband Jack that she was pregnant with his brother's child, but Jack was textmerized by his argument with Kurt on why the Cubs are better than the Sox.
by cyberobotic August 01, 2010
A person who makes unnecessary sacrifices or returns sexual favors for illegal narcotics.
I thought Chrissy was really into me but as soon as I ran out of coke that Boo-Bitch had her clothes back on.
by Cyberobotic May 11, 2008

Used to describe a guy that has a great body but a face that looks like it was on fire and someone tried to put it out with an ice pick.

Seforis is an abbreviation of the words "except for his".

He's got a nice body seforis face.
Laquanda was eager to meet her blind date, but lost interest when she finally laid eyes upon his seforis face.


Michael Phelps has a perfect body seforis face.
by cyberobotic September 02, 2010
noun. A vagina, or woman's/gay man's anus during sexual intercourse.
My lawyer, Bill, was so eager to tell me that his secretary Mark has a much tighter meat funnel then his own wife has.
by cyberobotic July 29, 2010
Self-inflicted Victim Addiction Complex: A form of psychosis. Someone who is addicted to getting attention and pity by always being a victim, thus manifesting their inflictions by self-induction i.e. creating problems that only exist through suspicion, paranoia, and hypochondria, These problems are usually brought about when such a person has created a problem or infliction on another person in order to distract attention from their wrong-doings.
I really felt sorry for Keith until I saw what he had done to all of his ex's. Then I realized he suffers from an extreme case of S.I.V.A.C..
by Cyberobotic May 13, 2008

A psychological or physiological state of anxiety that has recently developed in society which has created feelings of fear, worry, uneasiness and dread due to an overabundance of media being produced with "End of the world" themes, coupled with the Mayan, Egyptian, I-Ching,Web-Bot predictions all pointing to an Apocalypse or deadly transformation from the world as we know it on Dec. 21st, 2012. People suffering from this anxiety start to lose interest or hope for their future which often times leads to a doomed outlook for success or even losing an interest in success itself for that matter because they feel it will all be in vain.
My brother Tony said he is not going to bother with college once he graduates High School this year because he is sure the world is going to end next year. I think he is suffering from Apocalypse Anxiety after this three day Youtube binge on 2012 videos.
by cyberobotic June 22, 2011

Used to describe the United States of America and all of its commonwealth territories while under the executive command of its 44th President, Barack Hussein Obama.
1. Prescott became disheartened while watching C-SPAN as he realized that Congress hasn't accomplished anythings since the US became the Obamanation of the earth.

2. It's an Obamanation that the Iraq war continued for four more years after Dick and Bush left office.
by Cyberobotic January 18, 2012