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Electro-Pop artist from Birmingham, AL.

Born in 1990, CVDM has been singing and performing since the age of 5. Selected to the prestigious a cappela group 'The Hilltop Singers" at 18, he performed for the group as a student at Birmingham-Southern College.

Though professionally trained as a vocalist, his music tends to have more of a pop/new age electro sound. His music also features heavy auto tuning and electronic keyboard.
"Have you ever listened to CVDM?"
"Yeah! But his name's Case Van Der Motte. CVDM is just an abbreviation."
by cvdm fan September 25, 2009
The abbreviation often used by the electro-pop artist Case Van Der Motte, often in times when his full name would be considered too long. (Merchandise, etc.)
"I heard CVDM will be playing in Atlanta next weekend."
"What is that?!"
"It stands for Case Van Der Motte. He's this awesome new electro-pop artist."
by cvdm fan September 25, 2009
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