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5 definitions by cutieandmollusk

A name you call someone with a large, jiggly rear.
Person 1:"My but is so huge, I really need to start working out,your so thin we should work out together."

Person 2:"Well then we got a lot of work to do jiggle cheeks."
by cutieandmollusk February 28, 2009
A person who has an abnormally jiggly ass.
Person 1:"Holy Shit dude, look at that jello bottom on that girl over there!"

Person 2:"That's nasty, look at it shake all over the place."
by cutieandmollusk February 28, 2009
Short for Vagina Fingers. A name you call someone who has recently fingered someone.
Somebody tries to put their fingers on you after they have fingered someone.

You Scream: "Get the fuck away from me Gina Fings."
by cutieandmollusk June 27, 2009
A way for one to warm their hands,by placing them between ones legs near the genital region.
Person 1:"Holy shit, my hands are so cold I think my fingers are going to fall off!"

Person 2:"Dude, just use your cock heat they will warm right up."
by cutieandmollusk February 28, 2009
When someones pants are pulled so high up that there ass looks like a camel toe.
Someone walks by with their pants pulled up to their ears.

Someone says" Look at that camel toe ass"
by cutieandmollusk June 28, 2009