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a gross and disqusting part of the world where the dumb idiotic girls of the world collaborate. these girls typically wear abercrombie, hollister, gap, old navy, and they think they are soooo cool if they own one pair of seven jeans, and an ugly dooney and bourke bag. they idolize lindsay lohan and paris hilton for their tacky hot pink ensembles. valley girls and boys generally listen to punk rock, or anything that is on kiss FM because they are incredibly stupid and tasteless. valley girl prom dresses tend to come from windsor, and they always wear their makeup caked on, with light blue eyeshadow, and lipliner. it is necessity for valley girls to have french manicures painted on their tacky fake nails. valley girls love to wear their jeans tucked in with their skater shoes, and are ALWAYS behind on all the trends. they always wear the tightest jeans, and their motto tends to be "the sparklier the better!" girls in the valley shop in malls, and they really like target. pink is always their favorite color. valley people or "vals" as some like to call them, are hated througout the normal world aka over the hill. the valley has the temperatures of hell, and no one in their right mind would ever move there. if you live in the valley and you feel you do not fit in with this criteria, then you are exempt from this harsh reality, and i commend you for your resistance to your surroundings.
OH,and do not confuse cher horwitz from clueless to be a valley girl, because she hates the valley because she is from beverly hills.
1. Oh god, look at that hideous girl over there, she has sparkly jeans...she must be from the valley

2. Ew, i hate the valley, its such a desolate wasteland.

3. Hip westside girl: (set in nebraska suburia) Ew, look at the houses, and the people...i feel like im in the valley! get me out of here!!!
by cute LA chick January 09, 2005

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