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The next generation of the PCI slot. Currently, PCI-E is being used for high end video cards. It's serial data transmission scheme accelerates the data transmission of those add-in cards using it.

PCI-E is suitable for SATA Hard Drive Controller Cards and other Add-in cards that requrie a large amount of bandwidth.

PCI-E can emulate the old PCI enumeration protocol.
PCI-E is a new transmission standard for high-end graphics cards.
by curriegrad2004 February 26, 2006
The fist five letters in the pirated copy of XP Pro.

It is also implied that FCKGW means Fuck Gates and Windows.
FCKGWing Windows XP!
by curriegrad2004 April 26, 2008
The first five letters of the first leaked OEM key of Windows 7 Ultimate RTM.
by curriegrad2004 August 27, 2009
JMP - Jump. Commonly used in most programming languages.
1.) JMP to int();
2.) Don't really know what is
by curriegrad2004 July 02, 2006

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