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a moke-whore a a woman who enjoys fondling the penis of a pig or perhaps giving pig head.
Mom shut tha fuck up you dumb moke-whore.
by Curran April 10, 2004
A cock-feaster is someone who loves sucking the cock very much, almost like its there hobby.
"Shut ur fucking mouth you scunt cock-feaster" said Joey DiSalvo.
by Curran July 18, 2004
This is when u are buttfucking a girl and when u are about to spirt u hold it in and slowly spit on her back with ur mouth, and when she turns around, u let it go in her face. Giving her a rather nice facial.
Oh snap son, i was doin jenny and i philly fakered her like 3 times, dumb bitches.
by curran April 05, 2004
when u place a mans jaw up against a curb and stomp down on tha back of his head like its on fire.
eyo if this nigga keep bull shittin hes gon' get a curbin.
by curran April 05, 2004
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