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Suj- Shut up jerk!
-School Lockers-
A-(getting books out of locker)
B-(3 lockers along) Hey C! look at that ugly Goth chic LOL
C.>.> hmm yayr
by Cupcake GI Jane December 30, 2011
SWSW- Simply wow! Simply wow!
-In my bedroom in a conversation-
A-I have to say you are so.. not there!
A-Because the tickets are to pricy sis.
B-(has a hissy fit and walks out)
C-bff - lol SWSW you finally stand up to her!
by Cupcake GI Jane December 30, 2011
(A Reference from Anime series "The Wallflower" )
A Beautiful Glamorous Person that Shimmers and sparkles like a blinding light!
(comic moment)
And to a normal peasant person it will cause a massive nose blood fountain and has to hide from the amazing light.
A-((Glamorous Person enters the room with amazing God glow!))
B-"OMG...its a Radiant Light Person!"
B- Normal person- has to shun away to avoid a massive nose blood Fountain (To late bloody fountain spurts into the air)
B-wuh wuh :(
by Cupcake GI Jane January 20, 2012
n. It's usually when a comment is made i am a distance across a busy room of people chatting that hits with same punch and force.
(crowded room)
A,B,C,D,E,F- Are chatting with intense fun and laughing loud.
G- *From across the room a comment from G stops the room dead quiet with silence)!
A- (says with a little laugh) "Electrogaga"
(The crowd cracks up to laughter)
by Cupcake GI Jane September 30, 2011
n. It's usually someone with that exra zazza that will step into a conversation and kick ass with extremely witty comments and poses.
by Cupcake GI Jane September 30, 2011
n. A word used for a 'Kool kid'

Usually the quiet one that doesn't say much in the room.
But you really want to vibe with and chat , one on one.
A- (puts hand up to her mouth) *whispers with her hand up to her mouth "Kool"
by Cupcake GI Jane September 30, 2011
n. It's a mega kwl gamer that rocks on Final Fantasy.
Usually has lingual dexterity.
A- (listens to the conversation)
B- (Kool gamer) ya da Kraken zoomda in Greek, i can't type today nom nom!
A- *whispers to my friend "Kraken gamer" (with a cute smile)
by Cupcake GI Jane September 30, 2011
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