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the grossest thing on the face of the earth other then school. Used for dogs and to put out fires however dogs use it more.
1)the fat dog peed on he fire hidrant

2) the house was on fire.
by cupatercake April 25, 2009
the worlds best thing ever. Without music theres no dance with out dance theres no skatting. so whats left to do? play football? maybe but what happens when winter comes its cold. theres nothing to do. sound is just like music only talking you can sound dull, music you can't if you really listen to the words. Songs can have to do with sadness, love(mainly), sex, or even pontless. Music is a fun and peacful way of explaining what you feel. However you can write a song and all but inoreder to make it music in needs gutair at lest. Music can block out some things thats bugging you. Some songs are bad some are good. but thats up to you you may like 80's and your family may like country. Music is for life. Music is for the soul
by cupatercake April 30, 2009
the worst thing on the face of the earth, should never be sold or grown limes are just as bad but green
last xmas i drank 8 full large cups of lemon juice no lies!! i was sick for 3 days.
by cupatercake April 27, 2009

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