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some 1 who is constantly playing with there ass (sticking fingers in massaging or rubbing with care)
sabrina is an expert ass player she owns her own clinic and her fav client is dominic and she also gives free complamenarycleavland steamers
by cunt crammer69 September 30, 2005
an egg bomb is when some 1 farts and it smells like rotton eggs that have been in ur ass since youve been born
domnic was bending over and sabrina let off the nastiest egg bomb ever right in his mouth im not sure but she may have let out some liquids on that 1
egg bomb squirts are nasty.
by cunt crammer69 October 04, 2005
this is when some 1 has tons of moles on there dick and it is all bumpy
dominic tried to suck sabrinas cock but it was covered in dick moles
eww dick moles.
by cunt crammer69 October 04, 2005
a turd tornado occurs when some 1 takes a shit on the ground
and a gust of wind comes by and blows the turds around in a spiral
dominic tries to make a succsess full turd tornado but it came back and hit him in the face
by cunt crammer69 October 04, 2005
a cumback occurs when a guy is giving a girl/guy anal the dick slips out of the ass as it is about to relese its man jucie and thejiz goes on the recivers back
sabrina was doin good till she gave dom a cumbback so she liked herjizoff his back so he would noy no

Sabrina gives complamentrey cumbacks at herchoad chopper deli.
by cunt crammer69 October 04, 2005
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