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1. Porn used to get you in the mood for a wank.
2. Any pictures or videos a man can look at to assist in the wanking process. Doesn't have to be porn, can be any old picture of someone fully dressed, just as long as it gets you in the mood for a wank.
That pic of Jessica Simpson is just the wank ammo I need. See ya in a little while.
The bra ad in the local newspaper is great wank ammo.
by cunning stunt October 13, 2005
1. The blokes (man) period, commonly when a man isn't feeling 100%.
2. When a man is acting like a woman on the rag.
3. A man's sympathetic reaction to a woman's period.
It's that time of the month, I've got my bleriod.
What's up with Jeff? Must be that time of the month, he's got his bleriod.
by cunning stunt October 11, 2005

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