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2 definitions by cumqueen56

When you have an uneasy, heart aching, unstoppable pit in your stomach that just wont go away no matter how hard you try. It happens when you have just been broken up with, or when there is trouble in your love life.
"Lisa what's wrong sweetie, why are you so upset?"

"Joe is making me feel Tonky because he said he's having doubts about us :("
by cumqueen56 May 23, 2013
Someone who comes into your life like an angel sent from God. He/she is also a babe, this person is someone you feel saved you from being lonely for the rest of your life.
Lisa "Jess, I cant explain to you how I feel about Joe. He's like my very own angel babe"
Jess "Awww finally, your angel babe found you and you found him"
by cumqueen56 May 24, 2013