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Two strongmen competitors injecting steroids into each others asses while sticking their dicks in between each others biceps to oil up for a show. This is all done inside of a 1964 Chevelle while Lil' Jon's "Get Low" and Devo's "Whip It" play simultaneously. This usually results in both being filled with a sensation that they are nodding on Oxycontin with Vick's Vapor rub in their noses with half a broom stick shoved in each others ass.
Hey Jerry, our show's tonight, you up for a quick muscle bumper?

That was one hell of a rave last night, I feel like I've just had a muscle bumper!
by cum sticker fanatic December 13, 2010
When two gay guys have been ramming each other in the ass all night and sipping pink mimosas with roofies; they each take turns covering a slip and slide with their loosened shit. They let it ferment for about a week in the middle of a Texas summer and take one of the state's many quadriplegic retards and slide said retard through slide over and over again until retard is either dead, or more retarded and Christopher Reeve'd than before.
How did you spend your weekend?

Chet and I did a pink faggot mud slide.

Dude...that's actually kinda hot.

by cum sticker fanatic December 13, 2010

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