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10 definitions by cum grenade

An actually quite reliable and roomy car manufactured by General Motors. Ok. Maybe you people say that it's worse than Camaro or Silverado, but can you noobs quit talking shit about it? God! Just think, what the bloody fuck did the fucking car do to you???
The chevy malibu is a class leader.
by Cum grenade August 10, 2010
33 5
1. Even better than a blowjob, it's when the person actually hums/vibrates their lips while their mouth is around your cock.
2. One of the least fuel efficient vehicles on the Earth.
I rode home in a Hummer while recieving a hummer.
by Cum grenade August 21, 2010
19 4
God's gift to the world.
Mike's got SO much porn on his iPhone!!
by Cum grenade August 17, 2010
25 16
What they refer to in the Kings of Leon song "Sex on Fire"
The dark of the alley/The breaking of day/The head while I'm driving/I'm driving

If you listen closely front singer Caleb Followill says "head while I'm driving", referring to automo-fellatio.
by Cum grenade August 12, 2010
10 1
Past tense of shit
I asked him to shit in the toilet, but instead he shat on the floor.
by Cum grenade July 28, 2011
35 28
When you have anal sex with someone and shit gets on your dick as usual, but after that, you smear the shit on their lip, producing a moustache.
I gave Mike a Dirty Sanchez last night.
by Cum grenade August 18, 2010
6 1
A sex act. It involves 2 ladies and 1 guy. Step 1: Lady #1 gives the guy a blowjob, while the guy shits in the second lady's mouth. Step 2: Lady #2 gets sick and takes a diarrhea dump on the guy's chest. The shit should flow down the guy's chest, and it should drench his genitals at the same time the guy ejaculates in Lady #1's throat. The shit/cum taste is reminiscent of the Irish alcoholic drink mudslide, only it's 100% natural man cream instead of Irish cream, and diarrhea instead of kahlua.
I'd love a Hungarian Mudslide tonight.
by Cum grenade August 12, 2010
9 4