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5 definitions by cult88

The words cunt and guff combined to describe a fanny fart.
That girl in the pub last night let out a huge cunt guff and everyone could hear it.
by cult88 December 13, 2008
A play on the word "pigtails" describing cornrows or dreadlocks in a black person's hair.
Did you see that homeboy's wogtails last night? That shit is whack.
by cult88 September 03, 2009
The act of getting drunk at a party and then receiving a blow job from a German woman. You then ejaculate in her face and the next morning give her a small fee for the bus ride home.
That dude got a Hilton Party Special last night, what a lucky guy.
by cult88 January 12, 2009
The term Jedi Knight parodied to describe someone who is special, retarded or spasticated.
"Dude you're clumsy today, what are you some kind of spedi knight?""
by cult88 September 03, 2009
Australian slang word used to describe a dero (derro) or a tramp. Someone who is a bum from the dregs of society and is generally an unpleasant person.
"That guy down the pub is an absolute boggo!!"
by cult88 January 30, 2010