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A person or entity who is a complete waste of time if they weren't so unintentionally funny, delusional or lying.
Richard Nixon says he isn't a crook? What a fucknozzle!
by Cujo November 17, 2003
The smell that is emited from one that has been consuming alchoholic beverages.
Damn the mutha fucka got sum badass alchofunk.
by Cujo February 05, 2004
Orcon is the best ISP in New Zealand and is being stuffed around by the monopolizing telco.
Orcon is teh secks!111one one
by cujo February 09, 2005
A very enjoyable real-world MOO. Set in the fictional location of the Crofton Isles. It's Non-PK tho >_<
I enjoy playing the-night.com
by Cujo April 23, 2004
of or releating to stuff
Let me grab my stuffege before we leave
by Cujo February 13, 2004

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