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The legel way of phrasing shit happens.
From the USWU. (United Scat Workers Union)

The force manure clause in the proposed labor agreement is an insult to shit and our shitty brothers everywhere.
by cubano.fc November 22, 2012
himility n. (himble, hermility, hermble) The ability to demonstrate and perceive that you are humble while being an egotistical, self centered, narcissistic megalomaniac. Synonmous with the feminine version. Hermility. AKA Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. Adverb form Himbly and Hermbly.
Donald Trump graciously and himbly accepted the nomination for President from the National Rifle Association of Bigoted Xenophobic Americans for the Betterment of the World aka The Murica Party. His himility is something that has taken the nation by storm.

Donald Trump The Donald You're Fired Benghazi Bernie Sanders Rocks!!Everybody Matters
by cubano.fc March 22, 2016
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