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6 definitions by ctown

a small, italian nymphomaniac, fond of the term "Sugah" and has been known to teach different methods of tittyfucking. hails from just outside boston.
Party Mix Amy took two shots and busted out the tittyfucking lessons, saying "Just lay back and enjoy it, sugah."
by ctown February 02, 2003
12 3
place where hooligans, tramps and mongos gather to cause trouble, make noise, indulge in binge drinking, break ceiling tiles and get their RA's fired.
That club was an absolute gong show, it looked like the second floor.
by ctown February 02, 2003
2 2
A) a goalie who habitually chokes, or stops amazing shots and lets in the easy ones from the point OR
B) the redneck photo intern at your place of business
A) "He stopped that last flurry of shots, but let in a pansy shot from the top of the circle, he's such a conklin.
b) That guy came in to work with a wife-beater and oakley razorblades, what a conklen
by ctown February 02, 2003
0 0
one with complete lack of bladder control, prone to gaseous outbursts, especially in small, confined spaces, e.g., on move-in day and during aerobics class.
The T smells like popcorn and a Pebs fart, it's nasty.
by ctown February 02, 2003
4 5
female, prone to theatrics. tends to sing broadway musical scores while making love.
Superstar's orgasm could be heard down the hall, and it was reputed by all to be "ONE! Singular sensation, every little step she takes..."
by ctown February 02, 2003
36 48
the result of beginning to drink quarter drafts at 7 p.m., behaving in a beastly manners and not returning home until the sun has risen once again.
I drank quarter drafts for like twelve straight hours, i was such a train wreck the next day.
by ctown February 02, 2003
2 16