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a form of metal with the sound or feel of techno.
static x has the sound of krunkcore.
by cthulhu tentacles March 28, 2009
term is used when someone is so damn appealing that they are "fuckalious". similar to fuckable, but on such a higher extent, that its not even close. it can also be used as a catchphrase.
dude 1: dude...like daamn, that chick is so fuckalious...i would fucking bang the shit outta her ass through her cunt...

dude 2: dude...thats so nasty, but so fucking hawt, that u just gave me a boner, and i think i came a bit.

dude 3: Fuckalious!!
by cthulhu tentacles April 02, 2009
a term so out of proportion from its root that its beyond its actually word.~beast-a-lious adj. - unlike beast, it is a term used to call something or someone that is cool and has potential to be beast, but instead, it isn't.
dude: man...jessica alba is beastalious. like...people have made her way greater than she really is.

chick: wow. i don't care, just finish fucking me so we can get back to class.

by cthulhu tentacles March 30, 2009
the art or act of being awesome. it can also define someone who is awesome, measuring how awesome they are, or showing that their so awesome that they've decided to use this word to describe them.
the awesometuity of chuck norris is so great, that people consider him close to godly. see awesome
by cthulhu tentacles March 30, 2009
its a combination of awesome and sexy, giving birth to the kinky-ness know as awexy. its pronounced aww-xy, the xy part be saying oxy like oxy clean, but without the o and Billy Mays.

dude 1: DUDE WTF?? some bitch in a red dress shot that mother fucker who was about to kill me, so he runs through the window after her and i live!?

dude 2: dude, i really dont give a fuck, but thats still pretty awexy.
by cthulhu tentacles April 03, 2009
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