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1. Persian word that means alchemy, the mythical science of turning any metal to gold and any liquid into the elixir of life. Latin words for Chemistry are derived from kimia.

2. In ancient Persian poetry, kimia means "rare" or "unique".

3. Girl's name, usually Iranian / Persian origin. Connotations: a rare gem of intelligence
What's your name?
Kimia. What about you?
I can't tell you now, it'll be shit in comparison.
by crystalchampagne November 10, 2010
Based on the song by Willow Smith, wmh stands for whip my hair. It's used in cyberconversations either to mean literally "whip my hair" or even the deeper meaning, which according to Smith is "whatever, I'm expressing my individuality."
Comment on Youtube user's karaoke performance:

"That sounded terrible!"

User's response: "Wmh! I'd love to see you try it"
by crystalchampagne November 10, 2010

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