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When you realize part-way through an argument that you are actually both arguing the same point.
person a: No, there are 72 original episodes of Star Trek!
person b: No, because the pilot was a two parter!
person a: Yeah, and two parters count as one episode!
person b: But the pilot didn't get spit up into two parts until later, so that means that there were originally only 72!
person a: No! .......Wait, that's what I said.
person b: Huh?
person a: We're agree fighting again.
by cryslibs January 22, 2011
The line you stand in while awaiting a tropical beverage.
I'll get us both pretzels while you go stand in the punch line.
by cryslibs April 20, 2011
A female police offi(sir).
*gets pulled over*
1st Friend: Just unbutton your shirt a little more, so he'll let us go.
2nd Friend: That won't work. It's not an offisir, it's an offima'am.
by cryslibs March 31, 2011
To bring slovenly charm.

*From the Australian term"dag", which is commonly used to describe an untidy, ultra-casual person.*
If you're going to a formal party and don't want to dress up a lot, you just put on some jeans with a sport-coat and just "dag it out".
by cryslibs May 09, 2011
An attention whore.
When someone needs all the spotlight on themselves in order to feel good.
Why does Jack always steal the spotlight from everyone? It's like he's solar powered.
by CrysLibs August 09, 2011

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