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another way of saying "fucking up my shit", an exclaimation of dismay at the sight of a beautiful woman.
"Fuckin' up my Chrismas, biznitch"
by cryo March 23, 2003
Short for Cryogenics. a process which involves the freezing of bodies for later use.
such as medical purposes.
"when should we wake up Tom from CRYO-stasious"
by Cryo March 29, 2004
a phrase to discribe somones proportions. such as breast size to the body. somone with odd proportions.
"hey look, that chick is big n little"
by Cryo March 29, 2004
Vesel, the kind of dude who reminds you of a weseal\weasol but then the word is tweaked into "vesel"
"Hei vesel kom her din jævla bonde"
" satan med deg jævla visle vesel "
by cryo November 27, 2003
a way to state your horny
in bloom
"hey im in bloom"
"you wanna... ya know. im blooming"
by Cryo March 29, 2004
a word some old friends use to use during odd silence.
from the movie "Lost in Space" a little creature later in the movie makes the noise.
*odd silence* "Blarrrrp!"
by Cryo March 29, 2004
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