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Quite possibly the greatest place on Earth found in the greatest state in the union. Where the power tripping cops run rampid, teens smoke low-grade marajuana, soccer moms floor their suburban's full throttle, and where every kid is looking for a good handout.
Screw going to NYC for the holidays, I'm saddling up the sleddogs and going to Basking Ridge! WHO-WHO!
by cryingshame November 20, 2006
A typical "glowing" Los Angeles sunset during the fall, occuring between 3 and 4 PM. Spectacular views can be witnessed at the public beaches.
I'm going down to the beach to film during Golden Hour. Want to crew?
by cryingshame November 20, 2006
"Hell on Earth." Where rich democrats thrive, poser hippies protest in Vermont, and where Boston is known to be the focus of just about everything big.
I'm going to New England for the Michael Dukakis Speech. He's STILL amazing.
by cryingshame November 20, 2006

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