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A commonly mispelled city in upstate new york that is often called Binghampton. Binghamton is a roughly terrained city that is part of the triple cities. Any area that once strived on factories such as EJ Shoes, IBM, Universal and a cigar manufacturing plant. Binghamton is the second rainiest city in the United states besides Seattle Washington. Binghamton is surrounded the towns of Johnson City, Endicott, Endwell, Vestal and Owego. Most people tend to hate Binghamton for many reasons. Some complain of Poverty and a self-destructing Political Infrastructure, Some blame weather, some blame the loss of IBM and EJ and others blame snotty college kids as their problems. The real problem remains that people can't understand that all factories are being outsourced, we need the college for financial reasons, our "stupid" spedie fest brings tourism and poverty can be found in all cities. If you think we are bad, look at other towns all along our area. Cities/Towns such as Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo and Utica. Those towns have also lost much of their momentum. As for the weather, we cannot change it, so you might as well move if you can't stand it. Most of the problems Binghamton has, is going to be equally existant in every other city across the nation. Many just haven't experienced what it is like to actually live in a town with nothing to do, or even a town where the crime rate eliminates your choice to do what there is to do. So yea, you'll find out.
Binghamton has things to do. Such as Binghamton Senators Games, BCC Ice Center, Rudins Farm Days, BC Open, Spedie Fest and Balloon Rally, BU Bearcats Games, Broome-Tioga Motocross Nationals, Tioga Speedway, Owego Skatepark, Cheri Lindsey BMX, Binghamton Skatepark, East Coast Terminal, FBM Bike Factory, HCS Skatepark, Chris Thater Memorial Races, Binghamton Mets Games, Watermans Center, Ross Park Zoo, Discovery Center, Skate Estate, Roberson Center, Jackson Pumpkin Farm, Tioga Gardens, Iron Kettle Farms, an hour from Cliff Jumping in Ithaca, BC Jets Football
by crybitchcry March 04, 2007

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