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Bishop Fenwick is a small catholic High School in Peabody Ma.

The teachers are notorious for being old and cranky. Afterall they only work there because salem public school kids would probably shoot them.

Fenwick is home to Sister Geraldine, who is believed to live in he office. Her sole purpose in life is to "snipe out" freshmen who wear longsleeves under their polos.
The school student population is made up of:

1. "Orange" Bimbos

2. Wanna be emos who cut themselves in the band room 3. Deuchebags who think becuase their parents bought them a honda accord and they smoke dirt weed that they're gangsta

4. Preps, lots and lots of annoying, rich, judgmental, preps
5. three black kids, none of which play sports (hense the sports teams suck)
6. friggen wierd kids, who spend theyre weekends wearing animal hats and playing zelda

The only school that spends millions of dollars redoing the football field and cafeteria while the classrooms are still circa 1950.

the School colors are so terrible (brown and yellow) that the sports teams where different colors (black and gold).
Mr. K: Oldest Teacher at Bishop Fenwick, just as likely to bring a bomb to class as he his to hide a knife behind his arm and brag how noone saw it.
by crusade-this February 18, 2011

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