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A party that consists of no alcoholic beverages, marijuana, or other drugs. Usually a party thrown by kids with little or no friends, for reasons such as
-Parents being home
-The kid is just simply a loser

Let's not go to waterson's party because it's going to be a pop & chips jam.
by crunkss June 24, 2007
A method of smoking weed believed to have originated from Austin, Texas. The Austin-Pop is where one takes an entire half quarter of weed, rolls it as tight as possible into a ball, and attempts to smoke it from a bong all in one hit. Austin-Pops are usually smoked when someone comes over with no weed, and wants to smoke yours as quick as possible.
I want to get high, so I think I'll pack a bong...oh wait, I can't because buddy was over last night smoking Austin-Pops and I have none left.
by crunkss August 16, 2010
Verb: A phrase used to describe any website that contains excessive pop-ups, dialogue or 'warning' boxes, malware, spyware, and mousetraps.
"I tried to watch some free internet TV last night, but every website I went to was spammed out, I just kept getting Party Poker pop-ups and 'Your Computer Is In Danger!' Messages."
by Crunkss August 14, 2009

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