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Hypnotize Camp Posse
the baddest motha fuckin klik in the world, (triple six mafia)
Yo HCP killin all these other pussy rappers..
by Crunchy Black November 18, 2003
the rims on a vehicle
i ride real slow, so they can see the buckets on mah feet.
by crunchy black June 19, 2006
very light green marijuana with red hairs also known as Hydroponics.
I got that light light, and the juice.
by Crunchy Black November 18, 2003
Spieng on someone, then embarassing the person, by telling a whole crowd of what she saw.
Man, can you beleive that hoe was scopin me this whole time?
by Crunchy Black January 07, 2004
an oldsmobile, a cutlass, or a cutlass supreme
dem boys rolled up in da cut
by crunchy black June 19, 2006
Spieng on someone to prove them wrong.
Dat bitch was snipin me last night, just to see if i was in tha mall like she said i was.
by Crunchy Black January 07, 2004
RyanO232004: The Def of Trips j Maf............................... 1. The guys with the fine bitches every guy wants. 2. The fellas walken down your block with some 40s 3. The boys that beat the shit out of the fellas that try to step, and then take their bitch while there at it. 4. The people holding down the most beer.
see above
by crunchy black April 27, 2004

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