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this is an american sayin, and is most commonly used by the ethnic origin of black/coloured race. it mean somebody who has offended you very deeply and cant think of anything to say so its the only thing that will pop into ure head. white trash is offencesive to white people, chicken shit is not the best smelling shit in the world, and motherfucker is someone who fuck there mother or other people's mother's. it is also what a few rockstars use when completely wasted out of there faces.
white guy: "hey what the hell are you doing in my refridgerator, you fucking black jamacan jungle monkey"

black guy: "im sorry what du call me"
white guy: "black jamacan jungle monkey"

black guy: "i aint a jamacan jungle monkey, you white trash chicken shit motherfucker. white trash chicken shit motherfucker offencesive to white people.
by cruise87 January 25, 2011
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