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When a Danish person uses a combination of patriotism and limited knowledge of the non-Danish world to explain Danish society to a foreigner. This foreigner may be a tourist or a resident immigrant.
"Here in Denmark, we eat Danish rye bread. All of the children eat it every day. I don't know why and we don't think about it. That's just the way it is."

"Here in Denmark, all women hold jobs and work as equals to the men" is a dansplanation because it assumes that someone from another country or culture has a different experience.
by crtKbh October 02, 2012
The Danish domestic diva husband of a native english speaker.

In Denmark, the Danish word for husband is mand. Husmand combines the English word husband with Danish word mand.

Hus means house in Danish, which is rather appropriate since a husmand is very domestic.

Husmand could literally translate to house husband. He is the opposite of a housefrau.
I have a very typical husmand. He is well-domesticated and lacks libido, but he is great at cleaning the house.

My Danish husmand is very sweet. Sure, he looks like a butch lesbian, but most of them do these days. Not mascueline, but not metrosexual either. It's appears to be some kind of gender limbo.
by crtKbh December 31, 2012

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