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An extension of the great Harry Potter fandom. A website dedicated to testing even the most loyal fans patience.
Fan 1: Is Pottermore open yet?
Fan 2: no.
Fan 1's eye twitches.
by crowie March 04, 2012
Nasty little werewolf who enjoys tearing people,and their lives, apart.
Takes pride in attacking young children.
Works along side voldemort although not an official deatheather!=)
Voldemort:I'm sorry mate your just not the right material for a Deatheater.

Fenrir Greyback:Well, claw me if you ever change your mind.

Voldemort:em...NO! *disapperates*
by crowie September 19, 2008
The Deathley hallows are three objects created by Death for the Peverell brothers.The rock,cloak and the wand.
Harry potter and the Deathly hallows.
by crowie September 18, 2008
hagid:the huge fat guy who is the gamekeepr at Hogwarts

hagrid:big and hairy you wouldn't be talking about me now would ya.
harry:NO the wizarding world doesn't always revolve around you.
hermione:it revolves around harry.

harry:lovin' your hut hagrid it's very...rustic!
by crowie August 04, 2006
wizard prison from the harry potter series.Gaurded by dementors and is surrounded by water .dark witches or wizard often escape without permission
azkaban is very scary because there are lots of scary wizards there who are very scary!
by crowie July 31, 2006
a board game that is fun to play when your bored rigid out of your skull and ready to stab anyone that annoys you...of if its a rainy day
person 1:do you want to play monopoly?

person 2:i want to be the dog i never get to be the dog!
by crowie July 31, 2006
flying fuck is a term often used when people are p****d off with each other and are caught up in each others anger
"do you get some sort of sick pleasure from laughing at people ,your a bad person with an ugly heart michelle and i don't give a flying fuck what you think!"
by crowie August 07, 2006
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