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unmoral cartoon that only brainwashed the later generations that were born after the generation of motu and thundercats. it has no sense of moralty of sane prejudge for the supposed episode. Everyone would prefer reading and studing rather than watching that senseless tvshow that filled the mind of people with crap.
person1: yo man, did you saw the new tv series power rangers?
person2: hell no!!, that show is only going to fill everybody minds with crap, better stay away from it.

bit1: man, i saw an episode of power rangers and the theme song got stuck in my head... fuck, what do i do??
bit2: holly shit, hurry up and get in the car, we gotta get you a psicologist and neurologist for that, before your neurons start to rotten.

yo1:sup bro, did ya saw that shitty tv power gayger or something like that show?
yo2:yeah but i dont care for the show, it sucks,but i see the fucking babes on it and i wanna gangbang all of them.
yo1: aright, thats my hommie, im with ya.
by crono cross April 03, 2008
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