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a state of calmness and warmth; comes from the feeling you get when listening to the band Depeche Mode
The last time I smoked an ounce of Northern Lights in a day, i was in depeche mode for the entire next week!
by cromag cousin June 24, 2007
a card game played like Texas Hold 'em, except the bets are lengths of sips from an alcoholic beverage (every player has his/her own beverage); for every 10 second "sip," the winner of the hand can substitute a hit of weed; the winner is also permitted to share any or all of his/her winnings with any other player(s)
We used to get crushed at Apt F. on Friday's by playing Texas Hold 'em, Drink 'em, Smoke 'em.
by cromag cousin June 24, 2007
when a male pulls out his penis and urinates in plain sight.
guy 1: "the bar is too crowded for me to make it to the bathroom. you think i could go open-dick style by the jukebox?"
guy 2: "good idea. i think i'll join you."
by cromag cousin June 20, 2007
slang phrase for male homosexual activity(ies) on the golf course; comes from an excuse made by 2 males to get away from the other members of a golfing foursome
I'll meet you guys at the next tee. I'm going to help Joe "rake the trap."
by cromag cousin June 24, 2007
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