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when a guy puts the girls legs over his shoulders so he can get maximum penetration on that pussy. very pleasurable... for the guy at least
i deep sticked the fuck out of carly yesterday
by crocock May 12, 2009
when the foreskin of an uncircumcised penis is stretched forward, then twirled and folded tightly to give the penis the appearance of a hammer head shark
bogart: matt that is nasty
matt: respect the hammer head!
by crocock May 14, 2009
when a man performs a reverse deep stick sexual position on his partner (either in the pussy or asshole) while the partner eats out his asshole and/or sucks on his ball sack.
matt: hey girl you wanna get banana splitted?
girl: hell no! the last time i did that i had the taste of ass in my mouth and my pussy hurt for weeks
by crocock May 11, 2009
when a male with an uncircumsized penis extends the foreskin up and twists it in a spiral motion, making it look like a churro.
dobbin: whao what the hell is that thing!
corey: i call it the churro!
by crocock November 12, 2008

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