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3 definitions by cristin

one of the gay guys from queer eye from the straight guy who graduated from northwestern lehigh and randomly shows up one day in our hallways visiting his old teachers... with some cameraman supposedly fliming a thing for tv to make northwestern a better school
gay guy = carson kressly
by cristin February 08, 2005
The hair in the space between a mans anus and testicles.
Orville never learned proper grooming; his grundelwolf is getting out of control.
by cristin March 11, 2004
a hardly decent school in a little town north of allentown, its called New tripoli. most of the girls and some guys in NW can't live without drama so they flip out over the lamest shit. most of the people in NW are rednecks and/or farmers. NW doesnt even have a pool. and some of our parents parents went to our school in the same building. our school is almost next to a cornfield. our nickname:corn cob high
damnnn those rednecks at northwestern lehigh
by cristin February 08, 2005