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Self possessed confidence. An attitude of fearlessness in everyday circumstances. The capacity to stand alone in favor of an unpopular opinion or course of action with a casual demeanor. The word fell out of usage as the character traits it represented both became less common and came to be viewed as unfavorable in others.
Once on the board of directors, Bob was demoted to a position in the mailroom for his moxy in handling the ethics investigation of the CEO.
by cris clark February 21, 2007
(fem-fak-ool-tay) a woman with sufficient power and knowledge to act with freedom and impunity. A talented, intelegent, independant, and graceful woman.

A self-made woman who is capable of providing for herself everything that she needs.
"good luck, man, but it'll take more than charm and money to get her. She's a femme faculte. She doesn't need you."
by cris clark February 21, 2007
(eff-ee-kaas) efficient and effective. a single action that solves more than one problem or serves more than one purpose at once with minimal effort. elegant.

weakening an opponents position while strengthening your own in a single action, thereby doubling your advantage.
All his hard work and planning was outdone by the efficace of his opponent's actions.
by cris clark February 21, 2007
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