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A creative, intelligent and otherwise interesting writer that has a penchant for spouting off useless barble when provoked. Lives in Missouri and will one day become emperor of the world.
"Did you hear about Dee Bug?"
"Yeah, I already sold my soul to her."
by Crimson September 14, 2004
A word often used when cut off in traffic or shocked into a state where once would usually say "oh shit". Also a contradiction in terms.
Car: Swerves
You: Holy Hell on Wheels!
by Crimson September 14, 2004
a feeling induced by "l.s.d" that would make one feel like he/she is inside a L.E.D(light omiting diode) with the light around them at all times, exposed to this may make the above
ahhhh!! i cant take it......oh shit im on a planet,,,earth people...damn im like all dioded..........everybody is "gear" fresh mushroom like dudes
by crimson October 14, 2003
to place a limit on something, or to express something that has bin limated
" he tried to limatate my expectations like a bitch he is"
by crimson October 14, 2003
a word discribing the brain of a crippeld person.
(see hork)&(looginhork)
"you horked my loogin"
by crimson November 03, 2003
A highly agressive softshell turtle that lives in Dee Bug's bedroom and tries to eat human fingers.
"Stop biting me, Squishy, it's rude."
by Crimson September 14, 2004
When a female massages the prostate of her male partner (through the rectum) usually during oral sex.

This action usually leads to larger orgasms and more seamen. Messy!!
I asked my girlfriend to combat me. While she obliged, she didn't seem too happy...
by Crimson March 30, 2003
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