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Muralitharan (or "Murali" as he is commonly known) is the greatest off spinner in the history of cricket. In 2002, Wisden (who are considered to be the Bible of cricket) named him "the greatest bowler ever". Former Australian cricket captain Steve Waugh has said that Muralitharan is second only to Donald Bradman in terms of greatness on the cricket field.

Muralitharan has an unorthodox bowling action, the legitimacy of which has been questioned a number of times. Each time, scientific evidence has appeared to exonerate the bowler. Despite this, the controversy over his bowling action refuses to lie down, even though in recent times, a number of his critics have changed their stance. West Indian Michael Holding, and Australian Dean Jones who once categorically stated that Muralitharan was cheating, have now changed their minds saying that the scientific evidence in support of Muralitharan is overwhelming.

Despite this, the Sri Lankan off spinner continues to receive criticism from various circles. A lot of this negative publicity has to do with the infamous "Doosra" that Muralitharan has developed.

Murali also has a strong fan club. English commentator Mark Nichollas and Australian Bruce Yardley are avid supporters of Muralitharan. The off spinner also commands great respect in the cricket world due to the vast amounts of humanitarian work he undertakes.
"Muralitharan is the Donald Bradman of bowling" - Steve Waugh

"Muralitharan is the best bowler ever..." - BBC Sports Website

"Murali is my hero..." - anonymous female cricket fan
by cricket junky April 24, 2005
3. The nickname of cricket legend Muralitharan
"I'm no Murali..."
"Murali is my hero"
by cricket junky April 24, 2005
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