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An IED is a female that at first appears to be average looking but upon further investigation turns out to be quite disgusting. The term IED joined the popular lexicon after the release of the movie The Hurt Locker (in reference to the improvised explosive devices used by insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan). These explosives are well disguised by making them look like items you'd commonly see along the side of a road. Similarly, busted girls strategically hide their true appearance to get innocent guys to take them home (e.g. sunglasses effect, makeup, lack of light at the bar). To the dismay of the soldiers who happen upon them on the battlefield, as well as the gentlemen who happen upon them in bars, IEDs are not what they appear and end up exploding. Of note, IED is the logical evolution of the terms "grenade" and "landmine" used in the popular reality TV show The Jersey Shore.
Allan woke up in horror this morning when he discovered that he went home with an IED last night. While extreme caution could have possibly prevented Allan's mishap, once he consumed his seventh shot of vodka, he became a prime target for IEDs.
by creepmode27 January 25, 2011

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