8 definitions by creep guy ie

Derogatory term for man pussy (i.e., gay man’s butt)—used to offend.
Example I:
Disgruntled Flaming Roommate: Came across your ad on Craigslist, the one about rim jobs.
Raul: WHAT? That wasn’t me.
Disgruntled Flaming Roommate: WHATEVA. That explains why your goatee always smells like man cunt and has shit and dried cum in it.

Example II:
SCENE:Gay club
(Raul walks up to bar—parched—from tossing some trannie's salad in the restroom stall.)

Raul: Look at you lookin’ all sexy wearin’ nothin’ but a thong, chaps and cowboy boots. How about I put on a saddle, and you ride me all night?
Gay bar patron: EEWWW. Your breath smells like man cunt. Go away.
by creep guy ie February 01, 2011
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