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Common typo for "make."
I have to amke a doody.
by Creedmoor October 11, 2004
A state of mind. A lovely facility in New York where one can go and blissfully rock back and forth in your own feces.
"I need to be sentenced to a month in the klink at Creedmoor for a mental tune-up."
by Creedmoor October 11, 2004
When a cinematographer turns the focal ring on his lens to shift focus from a foreground object to a background object.
A rack focus is really a cheap, metaphorical device for the unimaginative to link two objects/people in a frame.
by creedmoor November 20, 2004
A poor-man's version of alley baseball usually played with two people. One player bounces a ball on the ground and against a wall. It is up to the other player to catch the ball. If he catches it, the pitcher is out. Runs are determined by how far the ball flies without it being caught.
"After camp today do you want to go behing the supermarket and play pinners?"
by Creedmoor October 13, 2004
Schoolyard terminology for a tampon.
"Hey, Sally. You got any fishsticks in you purse?"
by Creedmoor October 11, 2004
A retardate or someone who acts like a retard. Short for sub-normal.
"Is that how high you wear your pants, subby?"
by creedmoor October 11, 2004
Ultra-conservative, all-American fast food chain. Check out the bottom rim of a soft drink cups at In and Out and you'll find a Bible chapter and verse to consult. The employees are shiny, happy, Stepford-like robots. Eating here is like tithing. It has reached the point in Bush's America where you can't even eat a burger without getting a sermon.
"Jesus H. Christ, I never realized that In and Out Burgers was run by Christian fundamentalists. Thou Shalt Eat In & Out!!!"
by creedmoor May 25, 2006

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