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Comb used by blacks on their afros.
"Holy mackeral! She uses her fro-pick so well that her hair looks like Jiffy Pop!"
by creedmoor August 14, 2006
The lazy man's dolly or tracking shot. Used effectively only in cases where speed is needed to grab the audiences' attention.
"We're losing light. Let's use a zoom lens instead of going through the difficulties of pre-planning and executing a superior tracking shot."
by Creedmoor October 11, 2004
Yiddish for a crazy person. Not as extreme as Meshungina v'toit.
"You're fifty-six years old. Stop acting like a meshungina."
by Creedmoor October 11, 2004
How to introduce the concept of ingesting semen to your lover in the form of a joke. Much funnier than the traditional "swallow or spit?"
"Hey, honey. How 'bout a Polish sausage that comes with its own drink?"
by Creedmoor April 25, 2006
When you get into a freezing cold automobile and your body heat causes the windows to fog over, draw a swastika in one of the windows. Ouila -- You've got a staff car! The next day when your parents get in the car, the windows re-fog and they too can drive to work in a staff car. Guaranteed laffs for the entire family!
"You see, officer it was a joke. We turned our Yugo into a staff car. Get it?"
by Creedmoor April 25, 2006
When Larry Fine from the Three Stooges dressed as Hitler.
"Larry was sublime in drag as Moronica and Miss Lorraine, but he was never more profoundly effecting than during his Hitlarryan period. Sieg Shemp!!!"
by creedmoor January 17, 2006
A thick nest of female pubic hair. The female genitals, but alluding to the pubic mound.
1. "Her bush looks like Larry on The 3 Stooges."
2. "President Bush's record smells worse than an unclean bush."
by Creedmoor October 31, 2005

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