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56 definitions by creedmoor

Chronic punchline for many a late night momologue or stand-up comedy routine. Mr. Lewis himself commented about his hair in a Penthouse interview: "I have more grease in my hair than Anthony Quinn's cunt."
"Oil crisis? We should simply connect a tanker to Jerry Lewis' hair."
by creedmoor October 10, 2004
A Yiddish term for Jesus Christ. Also referred to as Yushke Padre (Holy Father).
"Hey, Yushke, what did you think of that Mel Gibson picture?"
by creedmoor October 10, 2004
A boner, hard-on, erection, etc. Not, however, the sixth Marx Brother.
"Jeez, even to this day that Pat Nixon sure gives me a stiffo!"
by Creedmoor December 11, 2005
Bill O'Reilly's sexual fantasy involving a busty Fox News producer.
"Bill O'Reilly only thinks of one type of Bush during his Carribean shower fantasy."
by Creedmoor October 14, 2004
The sanitary reclamation center where all your flushes migrate.
"Roll up your windows. We're about to drive past the doody factory."
by Creedmoor October 11, 2004
The first family on an all-white block to sell to blacks.
"That Aloysus McFeeney is a real blockbuster!"
by Creedmoor October 11, 2004
Getting a little shit on your dick; hot, sloppy anal sex.
"Muddy Love? Wasn't that Jerry Lewis' alter ego in 'The Nutty Professor?' Bend over."
by creedmoor October 15, 2004