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Pubic hair shaved in the shape of Der Fuhrer's moustache.
"Spread your legs and let my penis invade the Poland of your Hitler moustache!"
by creedmoor June 02, 2006
Yiddish slang that translates into "go take a shit in the ocean."
"You can gey cocken offen yom if you expect me to pay $5.00 for ground beef."
by Creedmoor October 11, 2004
If Liberace were black and playing the piano today he'd be called Niggerace. Coined by Eddie Murphy in the remake of Jerry Lewis' "The Nutty Professor." In the Lewis version, Buddy Love turns to the piano player and says, "Tubby, rest your thumbs." In the Murphy version, Love tells "Niggerace" to take a break.
"Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm Niggerace. I'd like you to meet my brother Cleophus."
by Creedmoor December 11, 2005
The high-beams of you car's headlights.
"Jeez, that jagoff behind me has been driving with his brights on for the past five miles!"
by creedmoor August 14, 2006
As men get older, what happens when they go to the bathroom
"Hey, Gramps. Do your balls hit the water when you take a shit?
by Creedmoor April 25, 2006
An African-Romanian.
"Hey, Nicolai Washington. What's up my bad-breathed Niggeracescu brother?"
by Creedmoor December 11, 2005
A bowel movement that is evacuated with such force that it his the bottom of the bowl and splashes water up against your baskside.
"Man, that doody bomb was like crapping out a watermelon."
by Creedmoor October 13, 2004

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