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An unmarried latina girl who refuses to use her brain, wears too much makeup, extremely tight jeans with the intention of getting a man. Seen most often laughing with girlfriends, flirting with guys, or superglued to their boyfriend. Bimbitas cease to exist once they become pregnant and get married.
Jorge's sister was flirting with me at Marco's wedding. She's hot, but she's just another dumb bimbita.
by creature of habit December 24, 2011
extremely bad-ass and cool motorcycle, no longer produced. Built in England, had a great racing heritage in its day. the original "superbike", per Motor Cycle News (UK) magazine 1968 for the then-new 'Commando" model. All current super bikes owe homage to the Norton brand
rube on Sportster- "Norton, who makes that?"

dude on Norton- "Norton, dick, can't you read, oh, I guess not, Harloid!"

rube- "I'll kick your ass!"

dude- "Catch me, jerk-off!" (zooms off, out runs Sportster, Sportster crashes in corner, rube dies, Norton guy goes to funeral and picks up deceased guy's girl, rides off on Norton, fucks her in nearby field)
by creature of habit February 25, 2008

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