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Someone who earns large amounts of money by repeating catchphrases, ambiguous one-liners, portmanteaus, oxymorons, contrived acronyms, and buzzwords mostly coined by someone else, in front of a large number of intellectually illiterate and ambitious wannabes, who stick to a suit even in tropical climes as if their life depended on it. In other words, a management guru is a failed stand-up comedian without a heart.
There comes the management guru; lame, unfunny, and a total stereotype.
by creativevoyeur February 19, 2012
the 'nth' sequel of a movie. where n is a variable and can stand for any large number. Used metaphorically to mean that the movie franchise has run out of it's entertainment value and is stale.
The 'American Pie' gazeequel will hit the theaters next Friday.
by creativevoyeur November 27, 2011

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