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the act of using rhetorical devices while underlying the purposes of poop museums. This in context will exemplify all international studentes who do not understand the urban telephones. the cosmotology of geefers is related to the physical aspects of ronald regan. One may realize that geefers can be frozen for a better taste. its not what you want but what you earn!
Hairy men eat fried salsa with geefers on their mind.
by creamery June 26, 2007
the act of gnawing and lingering on top of shenanigans. an inquisitive remark used to appreciate fed-ex packages and or gazing at the mustache of an adult.
The young adolescent walked vigorously into the bathroom because of hunglay perceptions.
by creamery August 29, 2007
one who is often misinterpreted as a cool person but is really just a loser.
look at that lanker sitting in the corner smoking crack!
by creamery February 23, 2008

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