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An actor of African ancestry. They usually get roles as token black characters in movies or television shows, and in most cases are the first to die. In fact, the blacktor is usually killed off first in all horror, thriller, action, adventure, and even drama films.
Morgan Freeman, Samuel L. Jackson, Denzel Washington, and Will Smith are all examples of blacktors.
#blacktor #blactor #black actor #successful african american #contradiction
by cre711 March 07, 2011
1. The Asiatic version of your everyday, household grizzly bear. Known for its black and white "marks" and its strictly bamboo diet. Much like the daughter, it is slowly disappearing from China, and may soon be on its way to extinction.

2. Also known as a Panda Bear

(scientific name: Ailuropoda Melanoleuca, also Jack Black)
1.I went to the zoo and saw an oriental grizzly bear. They claim it may be one of the last in existance.

2.Jack Black played an animated oriental grizzly bear in the movie "Kung-Fu Panda."
#panda #panda bear #grizzly bear #jack black #kungfu panda #endangered species
by cre711 February 11, 2011
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