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A four legged creature that a lot of people think they know about. The horses are intelligent animals that are scared easily without proper training, leading to several people getting bucked off and embarassed. To control these beasts a lot of people think using harsh equipment is okay when infact they don't understand their horse, leading the horse to be unhappy and dangerous. A good trainer to instruct horseback riding is a rare find and a horse owner who doesn't train their horse properly is quite common. Horses are expensive animals and quite large, do research if you're considering buying one for yourself.
I'm going to ride my horse.

Horses like to neigh.
by crazysweet December 21, 2009
Tiny town of central florida complete with all sorts of people from the gangstas to the rednecks to the annoying preps. You won't find much to do around here except maybe the beach but other than that most people will get drunk or simply do each other. There is small town gossip around here and you may hear people jokingly call this place "Tit-Us-Ville." We also see the shuttle going up occasionaly and must deal with tourists crowding our roads whom don't know how to drive nor park correctly.
I couldn't find the exit off the highway to get to titusville, did I pass it already?
by crazysweet December 21, 2009

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