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A Island in the middle of the Detroit river.
There is an average of one or less blacks in the high school every year.
Here at grosse ile we are all white, we have NO racial diversity at all. We have some brown kids, all of them are rich and there dads are doctors.
There are pot smokers everywhere,why? because there is nothing to do here so they smoke weed, alll the time.

ALL the kids here drink (they think there cool because of it) In someother citys/towns if someone is really blown out on weed and is driving a fucking float you can tell the police and they will take care of it. HERE all the fucking cops grew up on grosse ile AND DID THE SAME THING, so they dont give a shit. The Police and The football team (if you can call it that) are the laughing stock of grosse ile. We loose all the fucking time, but the football players refuse to admit they suck and are going no where in life when it comes to football. there are 3 police cars. So if you see 2 of them go by you can pretty much commit murder and get away with it. Almost all of the high schoolers are stuck up little white kids that have no idea what the REAL world is like, and that when the finally get to the real world if they don't die before there 18 that everything wont be handed to them on a goddamn silver spoon. Everyone here gets there drivers licence at exactly 16 because they whine to there parents about it. . If you live on Grosse Ile and someone from out of town asks where you live you say "detroit"
"hey man you here about grosse ile?"
"What the hell is Grosse Ile??"
by crazyquarters69 January 20, 2010

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