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a male or female, who repeatedly dates seemingly normal people, who become 'crazy' during the course of their relationship.

craziness can be defined as:

- needy/clingy to a possessively abnormal degree
- inappropriate behaviour for the stage of relationship (i.e. saying i love you after only a week, calling/texting an extreme amount without reciprocation) etc...
- becoming mentally deranged, overly stressed or any more seriously 'crazy' conditions such as self harm and emo-ness

if a person repeatedly dates people who develop craziness in the relationship, especially in terms of the relationship (i.e. directed at the other person) they are a crazymaker

in more serious cases where underlying psychological problems may have already been there before the relationship, if they were enhanced or brought out due to the relationship then this can be part of crazymaking.

if a person becomes crazy or displays unusual behaviour in any way that would lead to the other person saying ''damn that bitch be crazy''
dude be careful with that girl she is hot but i think she's a crazymaker, her last 3 boyfriends have ended up in therapy

guy: i think this girl is getting a bit crazy she wont leave me alone
guy 2: didn't that happen with your last girlfriend? careful you might be a crazymaker!
by crazymaker February 07, 2011

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